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We trick ourselves into believing that “this is just the way it is,” which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a firm believer that when we get real about the way we want to feel, we stir up the magic of our life. 

joy is your birthright. joy is multifaceted. joy is living out your purpose. Joy is alignment. joy is you. joy is your birthright. joy is multifaceted. joy is living out your purpose.

Hi! I'm Chris!

I’m a human helping other humans LIVE their most vibrant and joyful lives through 1:1 integrative nutrition coaching, energizing emcee work, and powerful business development. 

Whether I’m coaching you through nutrition and business or emceeing your event, there’s no cookie-cutter approach when you work with me. When it comes to your health, nourishment and joy, all of my services are completely tailored to your individual needs. 

No matter what your needs are, I'll be here to guide you along the sacred journey of crafting a life you love.

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about me

about me

Longing for a life you love but don't know how to get there?
Tired of trying to follow all the "shoulds" that leave you feeling empty?

If there was a perfect title for Chris, it would either be “Joy Coach“ or “Personal Cheerleader.“

Before working with Chris, I really didn’t believe that pure joy existed. Chris gave me the tools and perspective to see the world through a lens of love and compassion, believing that people are inherently good. He truly believed in me more than I believed in myself. After working with Chris, I’m able to stay open to possibility and truly believe that joy is my birthright!  I  LINDSEY H.

"Chris will be the person in your life seeing your potential, modeling the behavior you aspire to and gently nudging you towards a better life."

 I came to Chris because I wanted more– more encouragement, support, inspiration, community, growth and leadership. I craved all of these intangibles and knew that Chris had these exact gifts to give while also offering me an opportunity to find more professional success and personal fulfillment. Chris serves people with such a pure and accepting heart. It’s rare for a coach and such a gift in my life.  I  LINDSEY D.

"Chris is someone you HAVE TO work with. He will be there with you every step of the way and will not let you down."

Before working with Chris, I felt unmotivated, and unhappy with my food choices and energy levels. I truly didn’t feel like myself. When I started working with Chris he was so responsive and helped me learn how to grocery shop and find nutritious food while supporting me from afar via zoom check-ins. I’ve learned from Chris to keep going and several family members have noticed the changes in my life. I  LEANDRO O.

"I was drawn to work with Chris because of his infectious energy, joy, authenticity and vulnerability."

As my coach, Chris became personally invested in me as a person (not just as a client!) and helped me get out of my shame cycle. I think that the most important shift I’ve experienced from working with Chris is to offer myself grace and compassion, as I would to a dear friend and that living my healthiest, best life is not a pass/fail test, it’s a journey! I’m so grateful to have Chris as my trusted guide on that journey! I HEATHER C.



Joy is foundational to everything— meaningful relationships, purposeful work, and a nourishing life. If you’re ready to tap into your joy, I’m ready to partner with you to help you create and live life on your terms.

I offer a range of services to meet you (and even your company or organization) where you’re at! 

 1:1 Integrative Nutrition Coaching Corporate Wellness Seminars Emcee/Host/Dance Party Captain
Keynote Speaker
Boutique Fitness Consultant
Personal Training for Events

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